Do you have a question for Invest West Management ? See the answers to our most frequently asked questions below!

Any adult over the age of 18 who will be living in the rental property must fill out an application and qualify for approval. The application fee is $60.00 per adult. The application process takes about 24-48 hours, depending on how quickly the consulting company is able to get information from the references provided by the applicant.  The application checks four major areas: income verification, rental history, credit history, and criminal background.

Open bankruptcies, evictions, and/or owing money to a previous landlord result in an automatic denial.

We accept Section 8 housing vouchers if the rental property is located within the Vancouver city limits.

While we strive to provide helpful service to all of our prospective tenants, we believe you are the best person to decide which area of town will best meet your needs. We always recommend driving by a property you are interested in before setting up a showing to ensure that you like the location, the neighborhood, commute time, etc. There are also many resources online to look up neighborhood statistics and school information that can be helpful when choosing the right rental property for you and/or your family.

We manage homes for individual property owners and screen prospective applicants for placement, but at this time we do not seek out rentals for prospective tenants. We can, however, assist you with information on properties we currently have available at any given time. The best and most up-to-date resource to view our available properties can be found on our Rentals page.  We ask that if you see a home listed that interests you, to please call our office and one of our property managers will happily assist you. When searching for a rental property, we recommend checking back daily. We constantly update our website to bring you the most accurate information.

Each individual property owner has the option to accept pets in their rental property, or not.  When you have an approved pet, we collect a refundable pet deposit and complete a Pet Addendum which outlines our expectations of pet owners.  There are dog breed restrictions due to increased financial and legal liability for both the homeowner and the tenant. The restricted dog breeds, including mixtures, are: Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Rottweilers, Chow-Chows, Presa Canarios, and Wolf-hybrids.

Service animals are accepted with proper certification.

The purpose of a lease is to ensure that rental properties are occupied for our homeowners and to prevent vacancies throughout the winter months when possible.

The benefit to tenants is that the rent terms are fixed for the period of the lease. After a lease expires, the new terms will be determined by the property manager based on the current market conditions. Tenants then have the option to accept the new lease or at that time they can choose to end their agreement with Invest West Management by giving a proper 20 day written notice to vacate.

Rent payments are due on the 1st. There is a grace period until the close of business on the 5th of the month. You have the following options to choose from when making your rent payment:

  • Pay rent in person or by mail with a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. We will hold your payment until the 1st if it is mailed in early.
  • Pay rent using bill pay set up through your bank.
  • Pay rent online through Tenant Web Access. When paying online, you have the option to do an ACH payment through your bank account or pay with a debit/credit card. *Please note, online payments will be subject to a third party fee.
  • Please note, that due to liability we do NOT have a drop box for rent payments.

A security deposit is refundable money that tenants pay at move-in which helps protect the property owners against damages.

Invest West Management has a refundable security deposit and a non-refundable processing fee. In order to receive the refundable deposit back, a resident must comply with all the terms outlined in our Rental Agreement; including payments of all rent and other charges. The resident shall surrender the premises in a neat and orderly condition and it must be restored to its original move in condition. Normal wear and tear resulting from ordinary use of the premises is exempt. The security deposit will be retained by the owner to the extent necessary to clean and repair the premises to the condition evidenced by the move in condition report, which is signed by the resident at the start of tenancy.

Costs may include, but are not limited to, cleaning, refurbishment, and/or painting as needed.  Charges are determined based on hourly rates by independent vendors, not by Ross Pacific, and will be charged to and payable to the tenant.  Tenants will be billed for any costs in excess of the security deposit. Unpaid accounts shall be referred to collection agency.

Security deposits are not the limit of a tenant’s liability. While tenants are entitled to get some or all of their security deposit back if they’ve done little or no damage, it is also possible that if the amount of damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the landlord can bill—or even sue—the tenant to recover the remaining damages.

If the tenant does not receive the security deposit returned in full, it’s because the tenant owes money for outstanding bills or repairs. The management company does NOT keep the security deposit. Any security deposit money that is not returned to the tenant goes toward paying the outstanding utility bills or vendor invoices as outlined on the settlement statement.

Invest West Management does not mark up any maintenance costs.  We have spent many years building relationships with professional, local vendors who reliably give Invest West Management properties priority while remaining cost-effective for our owners.  Copies of these vendor invoices can be provided upon request.

The property manager is required to close out any and all matters pertaining to the security deposit within 21 days. The settlement statement is then mailed to the new address or the last known address. It is up to the tenant to provide a good mailing address.

If you have read through these FAQs and still have any questions at all, please give our office a call and one of our property managers will be happy to chat with you!